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that never gave a murmur. This is easily understood when we recall

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case see Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1918, xi (Sect. Laryngol.), p. 67.

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than eighty per cent, of them were really cases of laryn-

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Diagnosis. — In the early stages there is scarcely anything to distinguish

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reducing obesity \ also used for dyspepsia and as an alterative

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to the inHuencc ot iiulividiial motlitication ol constitution. Of the identity

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himself, but with no result whatever. The next case he gives is

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In charge of the rehabilitation activities in Madi-

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normal movements. When diarrhea exists the appearance of the

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inu- in healthy outdoor exercises and games. In consti-

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ments of the eyeball. If there is any change in the tcn-

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receive the attention which it merits — viz., the establish-

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adductors are also represented in a region slightly removed therefrom.

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aneurismal needle, armed with heavy aseptic silk, was passed successively around the area

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sence of cerebral complication — a rare occurrence — is brought

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same time the second junction was lowered into the water.

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against any attempt at strangulation upon the threshold

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a new train of symptoms may arise, not necessarily de-

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shown, is very soluble and easily eliminated. In addition, citarin

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writer has never seen attention called to this particular

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There are even sufficient grounds for the diagnosis of a relapse when a

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the heart, with auriculo-ventricular regurgitation. General dropsy and dyspnoea conteqoest

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the return of blood to such an extent that the protruded intestine

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held that heart stimulation already begun would remove

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terior apertures of the nose with a rhinoscope, and found the equina