treatment and the vehement condemnation of its opponents led Camp-
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The bodies did not contain granules or spores — peculi-
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Where the uterine catarrh depends on constitutional disease, it is not
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one point — i.e., the suggestion that ligation of the pole
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tom is of less value than has been claimed. But when it is pres-
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subject. The unattached members were not considered.
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6th. Incontinence of urine. — The best mode of detecting this imposture,
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been supposed to be symptomatic of diseased spleen, and remittent fever
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The post-mortem book has a blank space for the regis-
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implied that the age at which a parent begets offspring is not without
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troops, cholera attached itself to us for full three weeks, and
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the iris ought to be spared if possible or reasonable.
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phase. In this case the extrasystole appears in the sphygmogram as an interpolated
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in the wounds treated with this solution.) The solution
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prevalence, their disastrous character, and their curability
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f'lt. and affords a itiannal wliich we shouhl gladly see
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the science of Diagnosis upon a firm practical basis, pointing
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Incidence less than 1‘/e -Probable Causal Relationship"
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A. Fischer, in attempting to establish a natural system of classi-
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tion of the theatre superfluous, but affords in itself a
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yzed. Hepworth includes seven cases in his report all
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into four equal squares, each of them capableof containing thirty bathers.
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quence of its own incompetency. By the third day these obsta-
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Iv, 373; 402. — Jacobition (N.) An unusual case of uri-
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Artillery with mountain guns, so that, on the whole, the force
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sufficient warmth, but not burdened with extra wraps either by day or
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been observed, as in one patient with the serous type in whom typhoid
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show that Dr. Todd's practice was often superior to his dog-
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cent; with timely interference nearly all recover. With disaster on
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..." Madame seemed disappointed when I told her how
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improper to consign the infant to a nonsyphilitic wet-
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none of the ordinary sensations warning him of a sudden
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twelfth night since my head has pressed my pillow — Almighty
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comparatively limited. In the cases of dysenter)', volumi-
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danger of septiciemia was certainly increased by a small open-
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was so placed as to include the mass directly between it
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State. By Lucien Howe, M. D., Buffalo. [Reprinted from the " Trans-
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fever, temperature 102 degrees, tongue coated, pulse rapid, bowels cos-
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men is especially that of research in various anatomical branches,