made use of irrigation with a solution of bi-iodide of mercury.
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Washington, D. C., Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1975, p. 4.
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2 ; chronic dysentery, 1 ; cholera morbus. 1 ; congestion of the lungs, 1; hydro-
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etc., that may exist, indicating their position on the body
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be applied to this operation. I can but say that of all
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color, occasionally with a greenish tone. Chemical examination may
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frequently associated with sickness; the tongue is perhaps bluish, and
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operation of general faradization, when we desire to ob-
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back to their condition of depressed health as a time
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ischemia of the tissues. They observed a marked liyper-
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Theses were read by the graduating class as follows : On Pneumo-
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aconiti, or fluidum ergotae. Possibly it might be well to re-
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If while perspiring, or while something warmer than usual, from exercise or a heated room,
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son never held. But this, as I believe, was owing to
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be described, which comes frequently under the observation of
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that now shown by the latter, or 0'81 per cent. The altered figures for
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In 1848, at Louisville, Ky., the writer's attention was
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Dr. W. H. Howell has taken over the management of the
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phlegmonous erysipelas, so called, it may be well questioned whether
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ni two series of experiments with potassium permanganate
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and warnings in behalf of protective measures against the
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tional inactivity and structural repair ; the lirst that
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was attacked with typhoid fever about seven months afterwards, and died.
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the tongue is perfectly clean, and that two or three days have
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Art. IX. — Inversion of die Uterus, replaced on the Third Day. By Isaac
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tuberculous meningitis, hydrocephalus, and suppurative conditions of the
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borener. Arch. f. Ophth., Leipz., 1898, xlvii, 178-226.
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lesions of the brain produced by trauma, with or without fracture
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not uncommonly met apart, are very seldom indeed found