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Hallux Valgus, or Varus, is a partial dislocation of the groat toe out-

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cases the family history of the patient, his immediate surroundings, whether

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after this time the parallelism ceases as the failure of heart-power begins

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surest and most powerful method of reconstructing and renovating the

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tics, and thus the severity of the fever be mitigated and its duration short-

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into (1) simple or cutaneous, (2) cellule-cutaneous or phlegmonous, and

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Dear Sirs,— ^Your Meat BisonitB oontaming Beetroot are not to be

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easy. Where the characteristic deformity is present, it is only neces-

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more or less unsatisfactory. In those cases which have come under my

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distended with gas, so that when the abdomen is opened they protrude

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not marked. If ulceration of the ducts or implication of the branches

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discharges from the bowels should be immediately immersed in chlorine

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diphtheritic process may have its primary seat in the larynx, and then ex-

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quently met with in young adults, and occurs more frequently in females than

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The pulse in a j)urely chronic broncbitis does not exceed the normal fre-

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manifestations. There seems no more reason for the use of escharotics

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tion through the aneurysm, or at least an interference with it, to that

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the peritoneal surfaces may be gently scratched with a needle. These

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wave has disappeared and that the pulse beyond the tumor is some-

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remedial aj^ents which have been claimed to have a controlling power over

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between the border of the Achilles tendon and the inner border of the

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The countenance in some cases is almost diagnostic : the eyes are lustrous

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theoretical, or that obtained from text books and lectores ; and auxiliary, or that

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sarily accompanied by starvation, for it is developed among those who

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or large vessels is liable to be fatal. Suppuration is common in

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pneumonia which complicates acute Bright's disease is the sudden develop-

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The circumstances which are inimical to its production are:

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It causes contraction of the arterioles, drives the blood out of the tis-

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A series of Illustrated Manuals on Artistic and Popular Fancy Work of various

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In all cases except those where the obstruction is near the duodenum, the

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ian patches will often be found presenting the ''shaven-beard appearance."

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of a cold abscess differ markedly from that of the acute, being very

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tional activity are seen in the w^asting of muscles after paralysis, disloca-

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uraemic toxaemia only to warn against the danger attending its administra-