granulations — occasionally further advanced. Chaussier and Husson have
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six hours, and then terminated happily without the interference of ait.
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soot or indigo. When arsenious oxide is combined with potash or soda it
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reached the operator's Jiand should pass from below the seat of injury right over
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known a case which has not terminated fatally. Blandin speaks
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flammation and pain commence, usually, on the third or fourth day after
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upper lip, and mucous membranes in the other, in the latter case slowly
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months before, Sir Benjamin Travers went from London to Frankfort to
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It was a singular circumstance that whilst this good and amiable man
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450 B.C. In it mention is made of the fixation of loose teeth by means of
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was On account of the prejudice of bis wife against sal nitre. This she
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by the individual himself between the thighs; this process was repealed
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with the view taken, and said he had been able to assure himself that verru-
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is hypertrophied. During the earher stages of the disease the gland
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When the treatment was finished, the numbness, prickliness, neuralgia, and
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provided they have any, to our professional brethren of the north.
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In cases of pernicious anaemia this operation may have to be repeated
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anaemia and Bright's disease are readily influenced by mercury. Workers
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itself vi84biie,>and after examining with candor andtiiinpartialtly.4
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in the lymph, especially at the temperatures obtaining when the lymph is
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of air in the lungs b inadequate to effect this change, without the in-
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cases, something like moral idiocy, or such an imbecile state of the
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, trifling nature compared with 4hese, yet •occasion deep regret for the
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nator longus are affected — a form of paralysis that is usually severe and (2),
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puts one hand on the convexity of the spine and the other on the raised elbow of
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the severity of the disease itself. Cardiac failure is the actual mode of
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are capable of so doing. According to Arkovy, one of the organisms most frequently
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of too high living. How active exercise as well as manipulatory movements) can
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uterine conception. My class will recollect the definition of superfoeta-
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is only temporary, however, and they may acquire syphiUs later in life, and
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one, not perfectly conversant with the topography of the city, would
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himself for advice to Dr. Lewis, of this city, he exhibited the following
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combining with tetanus toxin. In tetanus due to natural infection or to
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extremely dry. For the iveaving of cotton, on the other hand, moisture is
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structure of a primary tumour invariably corresponded with the tissue in
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under the care of Mrs. Chaplin, the widow of Dr. C, who is also
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about a reduction of an elevated temperature, have little if any effect in
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Some extraordinary theories have been advanced to account for these
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Proboscidea. — There are only two living representatives, the Indian and
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traction of typhoid fever, but in my own observation it has occurred with a
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now, I suppose, for one moment entertain the idea of treating goitre by
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