thing like black vomit occurs in malarial fever ; while remittent fever

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Natrum mur. is a remedy which perhaps many homoeopathic

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walader states that in 37 differential counts he never saw the eosinophiles

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especially that of the liver, and extreme depression

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contracted it and only 0.24 per cent, of the persons residing in 2^one 3.

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than the coagulation of the blood, and few researches on the subject

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The President, Dr. Roswell Park, of Buffalo, in the chair.

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really scarlatinal, even if the " strawberry tongue " is

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interesting case of acute rheumatism under his care,

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the medical profession and he wished to present a reso-

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measure we should be careful that the person lies flat on his back, and that

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down to her from the time when a necklace of bears'

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is suggested as specially convenient since a laxative is usually indicated

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4Uid i^ain because many are not discovered } and also be*

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titis: The Identity of the Two Diseases. Walter James

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Work in domestic science for girls may have large educative

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personal inquiry. But although I received great assistance from every

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least, in most. Three weeks is not too long to keep

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possible to distinguish the presence of nerves upon a part of

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of adherents with a portion of the superfluous fluids which distend

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in animal studies at doses about 10 times greater than the maximal recommended human

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Torti, which dominates over all the other symptoms, and from which

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mobilization of the nerve ends. It will be often necessary,

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accountable, unless that his observations were made on the

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parts of the tubules are as yet of but little use to us, so far as the microscopic

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majority of stray lice die without finding a new host. The more

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these, 14 were cases of thrombosis. The early recognition of the postopera-

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Extreme antemia is generally observed after recovery.

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virulence, some varieties possessing slight or no virulence when tested

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treatment. Occasionally, a mild emetic, such as warm chamomile infu-

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TiiK Oi'EU.vTioN OK Gastuo-iivstkuotomv. — A very

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that the nervous centres of motion, being so engaged by the action of

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eight ounces — typical tuberculous pus — a cold abscess. We open the