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of these papers will be led by Dr. J. A. Ouchterlony, Dr. William Bailey,

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mitigate rather than to check the disease, and if possible to

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recovered." — United Kingdom and Mediterranean Report, p. 11, a.

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quadrilateral district, of moderate elevation, with its surface

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effect on the contraction of the uterus ; and this is only an exaggerated expression

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more about the numerous involuntary motions and internal operations of

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ganic life, or involuntary muscle. Hence, there appears to be

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The Section of State Medicine met on January 6th. Capt.

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effects of causes, many of which are located in organs remote. It is our duty as

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tration, hysterical aphonia, acute alcoholism, urasmic coma, neph-

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I imagine that in his youth when learning to write, Stevenson

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Faradization was first used in treatment of hysterical

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tageous in that smaller doses of each can be given and the mixture be

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tion holding title to this real estate; the Charitable

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cured by simple methods— sacrificing, therefore, many

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tion are the commonest forms of hysterical motor disability there may be

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saving surgery. The court ordered the operation, saying

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the acromion process. After making skin flaps the deltoid and the muscles

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ter, poisoning is usually chronic and extremely dillicult to

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of an epileptoid or epileptic seizure of syphilitic origin. The

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not only be cruel to the patient, but derogatory to our