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end of its natural life period. It is probable that crisis ensues when
pitals is set forth. It is further recommeiuled that there should
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must be cut away and filled in bv a iaciuo- ])iece of leather, or el.*e
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that usher in the average case of influenza, there is none that has
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sanity gives results characteristic as to the form of insanity.
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patient was plump, a more pallid creature could not be imagined. Her appetite
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crude method of dropping laudanum and sweet oil in the ear is to be
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controls grew well except in one agar-agar tube sealed with
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resort), have obtained complete hydrotherapeutic equipments, which are
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antipyretics, it is to be remembered that they do not possess the import-
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Lesions of the Heart. — Tuberculous endocarditis is present in about
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sick. The wines of the house of G. H. Mumm & Co. are
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Madeira, so far as medicine is concerned, is a passed wine,
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son per year, whilst we use nearly ten pounds. Russia uses
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to a little over six ounces, and in eleven days more to less
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After effusion of the exu<late has taken place the narcotics are to be
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It is like measles and the other exanthemata in its being of undoubted
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point in hay-fever. Having been a lifelong sufferer myself
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cus being merely a secondary factor, and Marmorek has been confirmed
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uterine curette is because we are not sufficiently careful of
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Sir Spencer Wells, and other noted names by the dozen, show
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inserted dry gauze packs or wick. It is a much safer form of
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scarcely perceived, because the agitation counteracts the sudden cooling
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over that family, observation, with the finding of a slight rise
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with glycerin or one of the sugars recommended, — saccharin,
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with very little let-up, I have been a very busy man in the
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tion. The headaclie is increased by light, noise, or movement. Vertigo
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fair to continue to bring favorable results. The thermometer
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swellings, with general prostration, supervene. Two fatal cases have
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On her return to New York she again received lavage from Dr. Smith, with
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sumptives? " Blood is thicker than water." We cannot do
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a balanced ration like corn-bread, milk, oysters, and rice, for
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This symptom of fulness about the eyes, which is quite as constant
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call nitrigin for such purposes, and this may become a com-