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the Romberg position. There was some incoordination of the movements of
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fer; the Mussulmans, freer in diet, sometimes. Gout occurs in China,
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Wickett. A. D. : The toxic effects of urea on normal individuals 636
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of malaria assumes a chronic form and attacks different parts of the
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dition of the heart in the 118 nephritic cases is shown in the following
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pathology of all organisms, and a pathology limited to man, like a
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use of anaesthetics. Ether, sulphuric or acetic, is to be preferred
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secutive heart changes occurring only in middle life. The patient
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with these salts were all practically the same, the phenomenon of inhibi-
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records. That in any normal case negativity in the auriculoventricular
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occur when the cigar is consumed up to the smallest stump, and still
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530 developed a typical case of pellagra, Case 1026.
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a fresh supply each fortnight. The doses mentioned in the rest of
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globulin can be assumed in dealing with various specimens of urine,
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Vorhomimmern, Zentralbl. f. inn. Med., 1914, xxxv. 1001.
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secondarily by a toruloid organism of low pathogenicity. Her results
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voiding. Of this, 10 c.c. were mixed with about an equal amount of
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styptics in nsevi situated on the head, as the coagulation excited has
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2. Substrates prepared from placenta contain water-soluble sub-
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One or many pins may be employed as may be required; they
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woollen. There should be a fair amount of exercise in the fresh air—
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during the spring of 1916 of the sputum in 100 cases which had pre-
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excursions were rather promptly lessened, but the tone remained just a little
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The behavior of the other 328 during the third year of the disease is
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it differed so widely from the remainder and showed normally an excessively
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34. Mendel, L. B., and Fine, M. S. : Jour. Biol. Chem., 1912, xi, 23.
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in different cases. In some it is so slight as scarcely to attract
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Aside from the character or extent of the lesion and the general
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One grain of the powdered leaves is equivalent to a third of an ounce
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degeneration in which the muscle fibres are replaced by fat.
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of inunctions and intramuscular injections was employed very little
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is distinctly diminished. Dropsy accumulates sooner about the feet
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sure just preceding the attacks could not be determined. After the nor-
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duct. Laterally they extended from the middle line as far as the