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of the Digestive, Urinary, and Uterine Organs. 8vo. pp. 516, Phila-

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inches you will find that from fifteen to twenty of these, in a state of ordinary

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of two interests, one of which is likelv to be more in the line of the

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and brief cases, did not the same patient exhibit at different times,

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heat among the seasons^ — causes upon which the geographical distribution of

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nerves or accentuation of the arch of the diaphragm will contribute

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The old woman, whose case had been considered as utterly hopeless, on the

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pulse, and just before the crisis, rapid (56) respirations.

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apparently peribronchial in location but very irregulaly distributed.

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tliough elsewhere of bony consistence, yielded to pressure, and recovered

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fever, easily lowered always by three grains of aspirin.

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lation of the omentum bv the ligature, ailbrds no evidence that death

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ligated duct or (6) by collaterals freely joining the right thoracic

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in the stools. A small amount of food remains is obtained in the wash

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refuse the chance of benefit from the operation. lUit if the result of numerous

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Chart III shows the constantly non-effective ratio, due to

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four times a day, taken with ginger ale. This treatment was begun

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ting of its effectual performance must be carefully distinguished from those in

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the disease. The irritable state of the stomach, and the great pain in the

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a "meningitique state," limited paralysis with aphasia or mutism.

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probably that the inquiries have not been conducted with all the necessary care

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The important question, as to whether the cultures just mentioned

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lapsed and wrinkled; and the mouth looked as if open, in consequence of the

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with the punctiform in the liver, and appears to be an advanced

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of the serous covering of the colon, and that of its internal membrane, particu-