foremost place in the physical culture of the insane. Herodi-
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Started for Liverpool in a Sail-Ship — Tornado — Narrow Escape and
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tlie Council for a maximum quantity of eight ounces seems a •
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factors in rendering the human race vulnerable to the tubercle
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extensively, during April and a part of May, 1891, and again in a
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In constipation with anaemia the favorable results of brief hip baths
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ment. Under similar conditions as to treatment, some cases rapid-
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made a large fortune. He founded the Toland Medical Col-
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half pounds. A friend having advised him to have his sputum examined, the
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of phthisis, the evening temperature sometimes registering but a degree
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warning against imperfect hydrotherapy, whenever opportunity offers,
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It is frequently observed that long after the spasmodic spell has come
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for a week. We had all sorts of adventures, being fouled by
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good company, quite a wit, could sing a good song, tell a good
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so often and so ably by many writers, the beneficial action is not so
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Maragliano's serum is an antitoxin, and is made by sub-
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to happen to that man who has that irregularity, what will happen
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occupations (agriculture, marsh-draining, etc.). The 5044 cases col-
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character of the rash (wliich in scarlet fever is erythematous), and the
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ness has been retained. In the drunkard delirium tremens usually de-
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in which the evidence of diphtheria was clearly questionable. It will
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Rules I, 2, and 5 may for the beginner be regarded as abso-
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of the people was an additional factor as to renal troubles.
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ing apparatus of the house is utilized to give proper heat for
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conceded that in young adults tuberculous adenitis is not uncommon, and
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hydriatic procedures in health, made under fairly reliable conditions
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gives exit to the hot water. The object of this tub is to afford the pa-
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from wheat flour in its purity, and were about as high in
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viously described a hemorrhagic form of pernicious intermittent in many
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probably causes much of the patients sufferings. A soporose condition
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The common error, that hydrotherapy deals with cold water exter-
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tic in uterine diseases, in the following manner :*
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migrans), and in such instances the face may be healed while the disease
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constituents in them, rendered still more stimulating by the addition of
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chronic catarrh of the uterus ; in hemorrhoids, perimetritis, peri-or-
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using a jet or needle douche over successive parts of the body, never
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in vigorous children ; and hroncJio-jmeumonia, i^leurisy, ])ericarclitis,
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At the present time there are no cough, the least amount of expectoration, and
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filled with water at 90°. The infant, whose stony gaze indicated the approach
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yond the !N increase he regards as evidence that the increased capacity
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had any uterine trouble, and had never suffered during her menstrual periods.
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should be permitted to enter the sick-room. The dishes used should
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The sole indication at first is the reduction of the temperature."
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and thence over ]u-actically the entire civilized worlil. Three years
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among other things cherries were served with the fruit. Pas-
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of water has fallen in England, despite its advocacy by its most emi-