morning, at 7.30, temperature was 104.4° F- ; pulse,

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show a larger list of aneurisms, as well as of valvular and other

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statistical accounts of typhus epidemics, with the exception of Colonel

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the patient has diphtheria is no reason why the operation should be

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I had the privilege of being President of the South

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of the upper extremity, which it attacks as a rule from two to four weeks

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in w;iter afid alkalies and are said to possess ecbolic actions;

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palpitation, and soon after her confinement oedema of the lower limbs

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clinical records undoubtedly show that in a large number of cases of

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day evening the surgeon in attendance told ; vv^is used instead of silk. A single suture

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from the adhesions which surround them. In gonorrheal cases, although

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healthy granulations have formed , the stronger antiseptics can be

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My first adoption of this operation was entirely ac-

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a half-recumbent posture, and the body partially ex-

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Dr. C. L. Ives, Chairman of the Committee on reorganization of

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less and confined to her bed, ultimately became able to walk, and could also

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the history of a hydatid cyst in the liver makes the diagnosis of a similar

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order to pay for their promised tax cut. The battle over

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rectum indicated a rupture into this organ. The postmortem examina-

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largely in excess of the normal secretion, at first clear, quickly

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sorbent cotton and dusting them with finely pulver-

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Murchison the pulse was 42 at the same time that the respirations,

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sengers, in groups represented by the same letters. What-

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direct the attention of the few who think that physi-

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tery, malnutrition, and inadequate supplies or medical

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ed. His nervous system will take on irritability, and though previously

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sense. That this statement is not too strong the reader may judge from

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pect. But in some instances, at particular periods of the case, this ac-

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E. F. S., who first consulted me in October, 1914, age 55.

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With the Argyll-Robertson pupil, which reacts to accommodation

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mersion. When free perspiration has been induced the