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tically useful in supporting its institutions. Mr. James

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woman under his care as an out-patient. She had been

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Council were directed by the spirit and words of the

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I may just mention, that tliis is the second case in


for it is from a series of well recorded cases of true and

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strong, and effectual, and practical impression on the

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opinion at variance with that of the eminent French

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is usually single, rarely multiple, and which, in most

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chectic form of ostitis is ushered in ; and such a i unchecked, suppuration and the death of the bone

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Bii-hards, Samuel Smith Crosland, Bedford Square : Jul v 29, 1802

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perience", for the preparations from which the first

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married woman [of good character], unless it had been

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Ross, Statf-Assistaut-Surgeon W. G., M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon

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Empyema in a Child, for which Paracentesis was Per-

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Beale; Dr. Sieveking; Mr. Carter ; Dr. Bryan; Dr. Thomas

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with acute sycosis mentagra, that had been developing

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ment to a large party of visitors, and to about a hundred

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number of parishes, area in statute acres, population,

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the Western Daily Press of Oct. 3rd will show that the evil is by no

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of Grant Medical College, Surgeon to tlie Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hos-

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and vesicles may be simultaneously developed ; and of

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5. The number of cases was too small to warrant any de-

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against a brother practitioner. For those who may not know him,

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preventing the gaping of the artery, should its tube not be quite

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rupted food ; and it is evident that in a matter of this

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J. B. Cuigenven, Esq., C. R. Drysdale, M.D.; Council:

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the antiquity of the convivial customs of these northern

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The globe is softer than its fellow, and slightly reduced

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and un\ielding. The feet j)iesented. Convulsions came

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enlarge upon this great difference between the dis-

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monstrations of right, so long as we are content to

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â– which I now show to you contains the specimen. I

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Rhodes, George W., Esq., elected Surgeon to the Huddersfield