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blasts may be found in the blood of very young infants, and it is note-

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in common use for expressing what have been called the attendant condi-

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able. He deprecates the use of mineral waters of any kind as being no

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right, 100°-2. Axilla, left, temperature, 101°-8 ; right, 101°.

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there was a deposit of tuberculoid material and tubercles occu-

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to the amoeboid movement of the white corpuscles, which

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completely nullified. The second question is answered by the

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tation of the pulse curve, but after all, the elasticity of the arteries,

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istic are unattended by discoloration and the constitutional symptoms

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In the second place, an exudation or true inflammation having occurred, it

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within it if the circulation be arrested (as within the sac of an aneu-

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an inferior grade. I think I do not shoot wide of the mark,

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set at rest soon after by the aid of the microscope.

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pain in her head ; said she had not rested since midnight, and had

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has been supposed to be the cause of grave symptoms. This substance, which

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mainly due to the transmission of valvular vibrations; and,

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fried dishes, while wells and privies are often dangerous

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fling symptoms it may go on for some time, before more serious changes

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sidering our extent of territory, and the number of states into which the

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Cleveland, and was seen in consultation with him and

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nition of his great learning, his transcendent talents, and his distinguished

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cheeks, tongue, or tonsils. Indeed, according to many ob-

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The characteristic high color index was present in each one, normo-

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tum, hypodermically or intravenously. At present Cloetta's soluble digi-

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ing from the body, which may be conveyed by, but never originates in

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years later he had an excessively severe seizure, which necessitated