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At West Albany there are 1,200 men employed in the car-

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certainly follow ; catarrh was always more or less difficult

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a few hours. Usually it is impossible to take anything in the

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is all the more important since infection is often spread

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years spent in studying divinity he turned to medicine, encouraged

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In the study of the pathology of the cases of plague met

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had on the irritating mucus which fills the pharynx and upper

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the cord. When the hemorrhage is extensive, it may burst through the

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week, pension, civil service appointment. Address re-

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say that cysts of one kind or another, not including

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abdomen and lower extremities appeared again, and increased rapidly.

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sympathetic, hence more apt to cause bronzing. [The alj-

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1889, for the purpose of pivinf-: instructions to the medical

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the vasa afferentia, and the arteriolse rectse of the pyramids.

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inch in depth. There was very little splintering of the

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there are numerous other statistics showing that mild cases often pre-

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of the pylorus. She sufi'ered a great deal from thirst and

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operating at once on the appearance of the first sus-

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feeds on herrings for only seven months in the year, he

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disease only 7 died, giving a mortality of 12.5 per cent.

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on the radial side, and the back of the hand and fingers, except the tips

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cate that the organisms studied contain a protease that acts readily

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The urine of measles patients often contains albumin, just as it

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hospital, Dr. Tweedy, went up to the place, and found the man suffering

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membrane, never more than one inch long, generally situated on a small

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although, indeed, it is generally out of our power to furnish anatomical

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person upon an accidental discovery of this kind. Cases elsewhere related