of a tent, is put up at each end of this floor, leaving a space of 9 feet

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8. Miller, Robert T. — Treatment of tetanus with subarach-

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29. Janney, N. W. : Jour. Biol. Chem., 1916, xxv, 177.

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The empirical treatment consists in the employment of remedies or

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or external applications that may be necessary in the treat-

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surgeon, as well as the pathologist, and would have also added greatly to

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b e obtained of Dr. Ogden C. Ludlow, 2309 Seventh Avenue,

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Again, I am not quite sure but that harm is done by the use of the

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invt's rise to, or is connected with, laceration of pulmonary tissue, :m<l

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Remarks, — In this case delivery was prevented, not by simple adhesion or

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the conviction was quashed on technical grounds. This trial brought into

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— " anti-fat" — he regulated the " diet, exercise and rest," and we venture

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up, in most cases, an acute aseptic meningitis, as is shown by changes

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radialis, and at the lower border of the quadratus it passes ventrally so as to

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Pepper and a quart of Rum. Simmer this for two hours, strain,

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that " the authorities behaved themselves in an exemplary

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female sex, in the proportion of 70 per cent, of the

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meetings: Dr. L. S. Pilcher, of Brooklyn, X. Y., on

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cure may be inflicted. As a rule, all fistula;, no matter

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fact, as is well known, the seat of caseating and tubercular ulcers of the intestine.