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Antiphlogistics, copaiba, and iodide of potassium did no good, but rather
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character of Professional study absolutely necessarj-," etc.,
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tion. One of nature's most eflFective materials for causing regu-
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were above fifty, and one above sixty. Children under two years of age
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gall bladder with a vifcid ropy bile, like that which
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treatment with all the most advanced ideas regarding the care and
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Academy of Music, of Charlotte, where a The following officers were elected at the
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Pick's disease. Curschmann's "frosted liver" is be-
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what firmer than such a mass of bone marrow would be. They varied some-
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come on before the disease has lasted any considerable
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which was sufficiently large to include the whole of it. The o-
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they are actually present, not as idiopathic affections, but as complica-
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Fig. No. 2. — Specimen of dog's radius, showing the plate of human bone
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with the well worked-out case that he had read. One was struck with the
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bone clips for use in the treatment of fractures of the
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alcohol. Curetting is often followed by a recurrence, while larjTigofissure
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110 Operations after an Engagement — Amjmtattons.
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the size of a small orange ; in places it seemed almost encapsulated, but in
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By common consent of the English and* American medical press, this work has been assigned
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laryngeal complications of intubation. Laryngoscope 1988;
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The catarrhal process is often favorably influenced by sub-
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swallow nor bring up. Suction was difficult and the infant had to be weaned
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this tunnel. As they come out of the tunnel the air on
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positive proof of the correctness of this opinion, of course, can only be
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Leukocyte Counts. — In the course of these observations leukocyte
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advanced that it required some little determination to proceed. Fol-
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Around the Ohio Falls, especially among the hills across the river
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change, but such a change as influences function detri-
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Dr. Park's recent excursion into the field of English statis-
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tory results which in the hands of other individuals utterly fail of any
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