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mals which are not killed by disease, rendered putrid by the u-
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Vaillard). In one case Vaillard noticed its disappearance after a fortnight.
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halo at the macula lutea, which is sometimes, but by no means always,
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repairs a biochemical lesion. This repair consists of actual
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would have advised salivation by mercury, but as that was inadmissible
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m6d. et pharin. de I'Algferie, Alger, 1884, ix, 3-8 1 pi —
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computation, omitting those of Period B-A, lying, we have the fol-
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cerned, curative as well as palliative, for the attacks in many cases ceased after
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remain unabsorbed in the tissues from two to three months, and has
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looking at distant things during the early years of childhood as no less
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have a very beneficial alterative action upon the affected mucous membrane. A
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nobody very well knows why, unless it be for the sake of
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muscle the response of which is limited to direct stimulation, as is the
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Syphilitic fever is mistaken for tuberculosis even more fre-
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but a day, and is scanty. Character of discharge generally normal, some-
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9 McClure, Wetmore and Reynolds: Arch. Int. Med., 1921, 23,- 706.
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BigUS of fluid in the lower part of the left ehest were well-marked.
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cerebril symptoms. His only other were mental symp-
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enthusiastic respect the wildest conjectures, but to regard them
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incapable of closing if the orifice at which it is inserted becomes dilated.
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1789. But today the United States treasury under Mr.
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physicians, from Dr John Thomson, of Edinburgh (1820) to Hebra, of
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torial Department, should be addressed to the Editor, 126 Matsa-
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toms, including a mitral systolic murmur. This con-
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persons do not have sugar in the urine after the ingestion of 100 gm.
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On Anatomy— Morton, Wilson, Harrion, and Fancoast's Wistar.
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to each other in symbolic language, using the terms salt, sulphur, gold,
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Klebs calls it interstitial nephritis. There is an accumu-
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July 21st : Little change in red cells ; one normoblast seen.
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disease, or in the course of that fever. The paralysis increases rapidly from
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l)ain. Tlii-re was partial nuinl)nes.s, with marked
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prognostic and, so to speak, practical value of the myelocytes as a measure of the
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twenty-five persons attended anatomical lectures, and some of these