ficient, after which the liquor is likewise employed until the cure is
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there is at once infiltration into the subcutaneous tis-
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(Page 257) "So ESSEISTTIAL is the examination of the sputum in
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rendus de la Societe de Biologic, 2eme Serie, t. v., p. 63.
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be imparted by the act of fecundation, the object of that process,
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difference noticeable, suggesting that there is something
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tion of the disease, and by the removal of auxiliary causes epidemics
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lengthened form, as seen in the caretta caouana, and their bodies,
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rhythmical, occurring at intervals of a few seconds. This
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and scarring producing opacity over the visual axis is
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are prominent, usually with vomiting. Large abscesses pressing on the
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spider cells (14 to 20 /z,) with large nuclei; their processes forming a
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anteriorly and posteriorly, and then a posterior " figure-of-
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tical knowledge of mankind, if brought into the presence of a lunatic, would
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learn what can be done with the intestines without adding
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Lemberg <Wchnbl. d. k. k. Gesellsch. d. Aerzte in Wien, v. 22 (47), 21. Nov.,
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that the Association has formally invited the American
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and probably others. Mr. Lane " makes a large anterior cu-
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true of all the veins; and the larger portion of them arise by im-
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7. Give some account of the Norman conquest of England,
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misdemeanour in having neglected to provide Medical assist-
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special court, held on April 8, when his lordship tried, unsuc-