rooms, no incubators, no competent nurses to assist.

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him that the lungs are the only organs by which abforption

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are proportionately enlarged, the superciliary arches being

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in the hospital and the great need for its extension in the

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centage of failures being the case, cattle owners should welcome the

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Hosack ; in which institution, as we all know, he con-

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wards to terminate at the anus. This part of the intestine is,

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285. Mr. S. B., set. 19, Nov. 30, 1900. Variety, bronchial ; dura-

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same case. The pain, after lasting an hour or two, may pass

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and full, and the patient felt well and had a fair appetite.

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the surface. The endocardium is clear, with occasional punctiform

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had been made for a vigorous campaign against opium-

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The power exercised by the moral faculties over the organism,

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an excess of the salts of calcium and magnesium has any-

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it seems now generally admitted that there is no marked difference in the

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Suckimen, or miliaria crysfallina, occurs as a symptomatic eruption

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country and abroad. He described forms of speech defect which he

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The deep reflexes or tendon jerks are dependent on the mainte-

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More latterly, Bernard has discovered that section of the lumbro-sacral plexus, or of the

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tient, cries of pain could readily be elicited by even slight

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diness, after eating; a sensation of repugnance to food, especially, to meat,

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Intestinal putrefaction is dependent on the diet apart from protein.

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( pains, vomiting of a green-coloured liquid, and purging, with violent straining

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of such evacuations to the bowels; continued mercurial purging produ-

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cise, are better fed, and have better sleeping accom-

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given it in many cases of tuberculosis affecting the intestinal

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paralysis, but otherwise seriously injures the tongue. The

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tion (in right-handed persons) ; it is probably a co-

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ceral disease without referred pain, notably by the toxins

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All of them are connected with one another by lacteals, which ultimately