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Lumsden, Sask. ; H. C. Mabee, Odessa ; J. D. Neville, Deloraine,

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vidual the symptoms and lesions of cholera, but is capable of multiply-

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ability of the kidneys to excrete concentrated urine and b of especial value in

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of expiration the inspiratory pressure is larger than normal

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with subnormal temperature the pulse was 100 ; in all of my cases

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should be evaluated in any patient who presents with new

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idal tracts, respectively above and below the mid-dorsal lesion. Th©

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in administration or resuscitation is sure to avert the fatal result ; but

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The disease appears to be dying out at Cairo, but re-

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takes place in the lungs themselves, which is still more

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but twenty-five published cases of the disease, from which he

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nephritis, puerperal convulsions, infantile remittent, together

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cologist should be careful in dilating the womb of a woman

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he addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and SurgicalJoumal,

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and death, or even of health and sickness. The incompetency which

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* Read at the twelfth annual meeting of the New York State Medi- I The mesenteric vessels are ligated before being cut by

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have been very thankful if the general practitioner had

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thigh behind, while a third piece, similarly padded, and

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about 2 in. in length and very capacious, was present. Its mucous

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above the base of the heart. The patient subsequently died. On exami-

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other than that arising from a great desire for the advancement of

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and VII.), a triple nose-piece, and two oculars (I. and IV.). Such an

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the space existing between the sternum, scapula, and humerus.

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limbs, cutaneous and muscular hypersesthesia, weakness or pronounced