local organization to be present on that committee as representing the local organization.
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Heredo-ataxie c^r^belleuse (cerebellar heredo-ataxy). — Under the
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Nearly all the cases have presented evidences of a chronic pia arachnitis,
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Vertigo. The sense of equilibrium is the appreciation of the position
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compliment that can be paid a member of our profession
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dilated spinal cord arteries in aortic coarctation and extraspinal arterio-
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dial agents to be employed in the ti-eatment of some of these affections. The
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the fluid can easily be observed by trephining the lamina of the atlas,
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physicians have become identified with egocentricity,
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ture, as measured by the thermometer, has been ascertained by
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with very extensive joint lesions. The history was, that he had bad
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At present our system of education, like many other existing
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infectious disease, perhaps contagious, and it may be p
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from walkiDg, none from lying. Neuralgic pains in the toetips,
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istic and profound nervous symptoms (excruciating headache, pain in the back
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in different cases from two to ten days. It is a very distressinj
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did not wait, Dr. French, of Lawrence, offered the following : " That
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nary malt barley in a teacup with about two tablespoonsful of
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the adoption of the report, congratulated the Association on
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When these protozoa are encountered in examinations of stools,
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to the coronet. If any remains of the sand-crack be seen in
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than $2,400,000 in 2,670 loans to deserving medical students. Physicians throughout
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number at each determination, it can be seen that there was a definite
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The penile and vesicle ends consist of a male blade sliding
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is no separate seminal vesicle, but each testis is a tightly convoluted
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depositing interesting preparations ; the sight of all Uiese, however, is
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Society might extend their observations to thermometers placed
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in the country training schools to have at least the partial
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saved," says Prof. II. C. 'Wood, " if the oil of tur-
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terior horn cells are either partially, or completely,
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