the subcutaneous tissues, and thence often attacks the cartilages and

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ing up a three-cornered fold of skin before it, and admitting of our

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normal for several weeks, and the consumption of tissue, by which this

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shaking his body, was able to get his kidney into a great variety of

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sion by the exudation, are necrosed and changed to a slough. If the

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whether the inflammation of the kidneys, like the other inflammatory

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believe that the gastric and intestinal catarrh, due to the improper nu-

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is not great, those haemorrhages which are greeted by the laity as

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of the parts supplied by it, we may readily see that sudden hemiple-

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there is a new formation of connective tissue starting from the neu-

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effect of massage on gonococcal joints. These investigations

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as guides to us in therapeutic inoculation, to consider four

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It is much less certain that Roentgen-rays can be of use

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recognized, and intercurrent acute attacks place the diagnosis of atonic

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to those which induce engorgement of the liver (see Volume I.), so

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with lead-water ; if ulcers remain, use cataplasms.

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Viscera. In cases of inveterate syphilis, tumors presenting the char-

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observation of the patient during the treatment. Apart from

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periodical artificial diminution of the oxygen-pressure in the

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disease of the hip-joint more or less extensive in its nature.

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whether we should limit ourselves to an exclusively local treatment, or

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vessel filled with ice and salt, till they were frozen. In some cases of

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the clinched hands, variously bent limbs, and swollen muscles, give a

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Bismuth subnitrate in diseases of the stomach - - - . ^,2

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powers of resistance of the body to the germs, or to neutralise

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' difficulties. When it does occur relief must be had from the

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by Gerhardt, both in children and in adults, uniformly support this

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scribed by Professor Ziemssen, at that time my assistant.

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so that patients, who have supposed themselves well of then* disease,