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than had been made by any other Body. Upon the subject of

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November 13, and seems, in modern times, to have superseded

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In France, science is listened to in this matter of

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tralbl. / Gyn. 1896, p. 474.— Makchand. Monatsschr. f. Gcb. //. Gyn., Bd. i. pp. 419 and

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At the meeting of the House of Delegates on Friday the commit-

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No. 4. — Viability of the Bacillus pestis. By M. J. Rosenau.

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of the six no fatiguing attempts had been made by midwivcs or accouch-

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J The deaths in Manchester and Bristol include th-^e ol paupers

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In conclusion, I would call the attention of Dr. North-

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but is of little importance for diagnosis unless as

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tincture of the terchloride of iron diluted with an equal quantity

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the commencement of the ordinary form of i^hthisis."

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In my opinion we are called upon to meet no more difficult and

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payment in such cases to a private practitioner, con-

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of large quantities of artificial blood-serum subcutaneously

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tioned, this decrease effecting both branches of the profession.

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delirium and restlessness, a pill of like strength was to be

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it, and, as regards the motorial system, either excites it to unwonted or

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tific investigations to their legitimate conclusions.

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medica — the personal character and infiuence of the

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1886-7, vi, 75-78. — Boniiaire (E ) Presentation du nou-

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the readers,” said Dr. Burrell. Recipient of an honorable mention in the cate-

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a sudden stoppage of the flow of urine, when she suffers from severe pain in the

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existence of this disease impairs the ability to cope with affections which,

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is but a sample of other Western towns we can only con-

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for the Medical Inspection of School Children, and the Bureau for

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the positive evidence is confined to the figures for the last two sub-