families in which one child died of membranous croup,

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ize the other specific infections and septic processes. If there be localized

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teaspoonful when the child appears to be in pain. Another

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From this it will be seen that the liability seems to be greatest

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TREATMENT. (External . ) In the treatment of wounds of a severe

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* Contamination by condensation water prevented by small beaker inverted over neck

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cation of nitrate of silver, every five days, of the strength

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10. How is biniodide of mercury best administered in

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Bacilli, 2'8 /* to 6'3 /* in length, and - 3 fi in breadth. Growth on

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ments of the diaphragm on one side. It is well kuown now that,

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bability that the origiaal disease was situated in the

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ascertained, no history of any insanity in the family. This case seems

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males to feed upon; nevertheless, many of them gradually

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How is the clinical or natural history of a disease to be obtained ? There

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conserve nervous energy and act as valuable assistants to the building-up process,

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Asiaticus, 'champion of a method,' and a Methodist doctor from

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valve which you believe to be the seat of disease in the patients

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fatal to the myosin hypothesis, since if the coagu-

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