are awK ward, and it is protruded with difficulty. The soft
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oval ^'ariety. One recover}' is accredited to this tube among ten cases.
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to different collections of cells as centers, thus separating the action of
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The Section therefore urged the School Board to pro-
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through the whole passage of the fistula (above six inches) a
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achievement of Our Chemists, we are now able to offer LIQUID ALBOLENE, using as a base a specially
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have had children, and their lives have apparently not been shortened by it.
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Friday, while five or six iiundred employes were at
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plified in that of the Herbert Hospital, Woolwich (Fig. 2, page 880),
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may become, when we consider the varied special functions of different
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closely-printed pages of Arabic in Ibn Abf Usaybi'a's
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salts, as sulphis, genitive sulphit-is ; nitras, genitive nitrat-is ;
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pass from the dejecta of a patient to a can or bottle of milk and so be
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: marked. The vessels of the membranes of the brain were somewhat congested,
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else part of a general septicemia. The symptoms do not differ from
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with a feeling of sinking when the stomach is empty, the patient
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After an Interval of about one month the state of the patient was worse ; new
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child, she complained to me of her inability to walk with-
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matter of the red disc, and that it is formed in the pro-
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cold sweat. After some time it may be weeks or months smaller and
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the attempt to do so. The thighs, and more especially the legs, are
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of nitrate of silver, one or two drachms to the ounce, have
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ticularly at the posterior ends of the inferior turbinated bod-
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some mucus and a considerable quantity of undigested
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Acute — Silver; Venereal Disorders — Specific In-
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dicated. If the comminution of the parts of the joint affects only the
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DiagnosiSo — The determination of the position of the tumor has
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9th, when we made the following report : countenance much
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Harvey had never seen the motion had Vesalius not traversed the