Vohulus of the small intestine resembles that of the sigmoid. Rarely
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be direct or indirect, and the causes physical and chemical. Physical
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aims will characterise their teacher and such benefits be gained
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successive occurrence of a greater or less number of cases among members
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RiCKARDS, A., Esq., to be Assistant-Surgeon 1st West Riding A.V.
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length end in recovery ; but it is difficult to obtain positive evidence in
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of the laws relating to the sale of milk to report the tsame to him ; to prosecute
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among the ill-explained facts. It is not the cold beverage, but the
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of treatment. Solutions of alum or borax are suitable for such a use.
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place, expulsion of the product of conception would not have occurred ; but
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aged, could not be ascertained, as the attending midwife
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would probably be found so feebly endowed with curative vir-
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pighian tubes; 11, ileum; 12, colon; 13, rectum; 14, rectal papillae;
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position. It should, also, be borne in mind, that if this condition
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is no separate seminal vesicle, but each testis is a tightly convoluted
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Scarlet fever was reported from seventeen places: Cadillac, Detroit,
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heated iron. This " clamp and cautery " operation is six times as dangerous
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ded an extensive collection of coagulated blood above the dura
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it is well to give an extended publicity, not because it
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The second variety, which is much more frequently seen than the
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says: "I have never administered it without deriving some benefit."
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the fibers of the funiculi pyramidales were affected. On a sub-
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interception of air, and of the respiratory phenom-
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curriculum. Various orderly sequences are possible to meet various needs, and the De-
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The surgical treatment must be different for different cases, but the best method