Case iv. litnal .s'nrcomfi.— Miss D., aged .'i.^, a patient of Mr. Henry

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"the most healthful, comfortable, and rational system of caring for

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whether the dignity of a city tends to produce less smoke

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less duration. But in all the cases of syphilitic obstruction

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SODTHET, Albert James, M.R C.S.Eng., L.S.A , reappointed Medical Officer

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agreed to ; but the opposition to an appointment of a Faculty

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on promotion, to relieve Surgeon-Major-General Madden, who

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Fenton, Clogheen ; Mr. W. Fearnley, London. (G) Dr. M. Greenwood,

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been improperly treated or neglected, but in far the greater

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two were open. Complaints having been made that the town

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St. Mary's Hospital ; W- B. Jones, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; C.

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contain a statement of a series of amendments to the existing? Acts,

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the quality bought being inferior because the amount allowed

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Assurance against £600, and, after adding £43 paid as surrender

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was a case of breech presentation. When the child was 13

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questionable if it be necessary or wise to insist on a poor

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An inquest was held on January 7th, at Aston, Birmingham,

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drawings necessarily involve the delineation of facts not per-

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ray with the advantages to be derived by the denizens of a

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8yme, Mr. T. A'B. Weigall, and Mr. Justice Williams.

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was 21. .T per 1,000. The densest population in auy ward in New York is

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towns. The mortality-rates per lOO.OOO were, during i.Si'i, 562 in Madrid,

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be cured. Probably the first curative eSbrt would be initiated

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and largely practised by Professor Trendelenburg, of Bonn.

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