production within the stomach appears to be owing to an undue retention
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takes is through the diaphragm into the chest. Partial peritonitis precedes
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on tl^eir guard, lest these teeth become accidentally detached, and
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membrane was almost entirely covered with an adherent lami-
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Available for all the Forms and Stages of Syphilis, and in all cases in which
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regions, even when uncomplicated with intermittent fever.
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the sanative influence of this great and useful body will finally
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for them to bestow. It is quite unnecessary that I should speak of
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claims only soothing embrocations, and the application of flannel, cotton
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most frequent seat is at the junction of the ileum and caecum. This is
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connection with a particular disease th"n with other diseases. Just in
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constant inclination with entire inability to urinate^ and finally
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Desirable as adjuvants in insuflSations and antipruritic
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all important progress in medicine in all branches and languages.
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via will suflTice without the application of cold. Food and drinks should
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terms medical pathology and surgical j^atJiologi/ are used in conformity'
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(when the intestine was stretched out) of about two feet from the
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wanting. When a fluctuating enlargement or tumor is perceived over
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hypothesis of the retention of excrementitious principles, AVhen the func-
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coq, c'est-j^-dire pourrus de p^tites points k trois dents. Pendant que ces
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absence of the subjective symptoms, and the difficulty of obtaining physical
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his pack. He had nearly recovered when, on resuming his occupation,
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course, to the gravity and danger. Its coexistence with these affections,
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Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine in Belle-
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Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 66 Southroad Street, Atlanta, Ga
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tion was greater, but still moderate. In 14 cases the appearances denoted
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in which the diagnosis of disease of the gastric tubules was made from
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Thursday, and the pain continued to increase. On Thursday
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The question arises in this connection — Is there more than one species
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cold water is sometimes so irresistible, that the patient is not deterred from
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of endocarditis is only probable, and the probability^ of the disease is
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by dissolving the gum in chloroform. This coating is impervious
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that there is nothing improbable in the hypothesis that, under
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autres par des saillies plus ou moins prononc^es, et finissent par perdre
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Maladies. Unlike terebinthina and some of its derivatives, no unpleasant symptoms
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admitted. The phenomenon alluded to is: that a turbid stream
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concave glass the patient could see with one eye tolerably well,
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DR. E. R. SQUIBB, of Brooklyn, NY. "On the Medicinal Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide."
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quantity of water and a little sugar, to be taken four times a