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“Dr. W. T. Leonard of Mauston, Wisconsin, locates at Alden. He appears
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of the Joints, etc.; Booh V. — Toxicology; Book VI. — Sur-
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that something untoward will befall him ; in the latter state the
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double conception at different periods. (Ramsbotham s Obstet. Med.
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mencement of the disease, and be discontinued as soon as
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/Etiology. — Yellow fever has been classed both among telluric diseases
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Nervous Complications. — We sometimes see during the course of the
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was still-born, or when it died soon after birth, another birth took place within
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parts, renders this form objectionable. When silvered, they ( are less lia-
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of his own mind, in all matters relating to his System of Medicine.
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nient, and lacked the knowledge of how to apply this