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may be fatal, serum potassium levels must be monitored at Ireguent intervals especially in

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either of these suppositions, is the great variety of localities and cir-

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in water; solution coagulated by boiling and gives abundant

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y.S., who has practised for twenty years in ^N'ormandy, a great

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appoint each one delegate to such adjourned > Quarantine defences had engaged the atten-

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Moreover, there is some exfoliation, and both in the place of and in the cells

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ulcer he did not know his limitations; he had as much

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an irregularly shaped, ill-defined patch, about the size

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98 ; no movement, tympanites disappeared, and head,

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patients that their sight has been helped by the treatment.

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hours, and the effect is considered to be the result of an

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neither of these was the peculiar treatment used. There

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soil upon which we live. These matters constitute, it is true,

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proper treatment. Other conditions, while relatively in-

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pregnancies. This repeating tendency has been noted in general foetal

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rare. The old bullets exerted what was termed an " explo-

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Injury followed by myositis ossificans (J. Hutchinson, jun.) . 230

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ator; it is then reinserted at the bottom of the sulcus,

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It is important to isolate the patient and attendant from the

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examination in all branches of Professional knowledge — a

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spasmodic or extreme contraction of the ciliary muscle,

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Almaden (Spain) mines for the last ten years has ave-

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This anatomical distribution becomes intelligible through the following phy-

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Hiinermann, whose work was abstracted in this Journal.

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who was a pupil of Professor Christison when the latter

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meat, nor spoil its flavor, but rather improve the latter,

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cannot wisely neglect ; nor does Dr. Bennett himself appear in

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ment. The limb was under going dry gangrene from arteral

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could not be felt. Considerable doubts were entertained as to the exact

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complete loss of vision, or if there is a sudden onset of proptosis, diplopia or

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