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tan thrombus which measured up to 1 cm. in thickness.
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lower part of the middle third, and passing backwards and upwards,
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was it possible to bring about a complete return to the normal rate ; we may,
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may show such pigmentation; later the iron reaction may no longer be
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ought to be fairly tried in all, when at all applicable, the past
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and have secured the registration of all persons legally en-
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either Fehling's or the indigo carmine test. I have found the latter far
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baciUus grows most actively between 30 and 40 C, and
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as just described, one would expect to find that, as more xanthin
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serous membranes often coexist ; especially pneumonia, empyema, and
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and often readily permits the detection of acetone in diabetic urine
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Althouirh it is often said that limbs arc needlessly sacrificed to
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the aged rustic than the prescriptions of a not over-
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for half a minute without the patient losing consciousness, and without the face par-
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buted the dilatation and hypertrophy (Perthes ^) ; it seems rather
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fessional practice, particularly with reference to blood-
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such reports could have been filed without having been brought to
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feeding with dais or the alcoholic extracts of dais.
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blood is proper. On the other hand, where the patient leads a sedentary
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theatres. I believe the ventilation of a hospital to bo a very
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Typhus fever is a disease which tends to markedly afifect the heart.
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(ascending frontal and parietal convolutions and paracentral lobule), descend through
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tissues than is found in the blood. Fischer, and, following him, Hen-
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only exaggerations of conditions which are compatible with health.
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Piji By pepope pe By aeptpan baeje to cymeB • je-
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conducted in such a way as to avoid suggesting possible
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the head undergoes from the posterior wall of the pelvis.
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or they are crowded together in such a manner as to give the
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insists that during respiration there is a longitudinal
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either made of alcohol or of the best vinegar, would be proper to be
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history as a basis of rational treatment. That he was led away by too
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cut vertically, so as to present a surface nearly flat to the altered lesser sigmoid
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brief period, the circulation may become restored sufficiently for the restora-
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tude in it, and are more likely to carry it on without a hitch.
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sociated with things divine. It is the rhythm of move-