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Vol II. same series contains twenty original articles, 4 col-
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infusion was begun early in April, 1910. Within about three days
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force of the nerve-centres generally, and the timely relaxation from
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gether upon the distance of the same from the sensitive plate.
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directed by the Eustachian valve through the outer auricular opening
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becoming more flattened by the same inactivity within [within
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but afterwards become cold, humid, and insensible even to the
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locality, and we are becoming more and more familiar with it as pre-
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sc. matemat, e nat,, Mibuio, 1884, 3, s., vi, 213-225, 1 pi.
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credit on its inventor, Professor Otis. It is generally
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the various symptoms presented by his patient into a distinct
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carriers soon become sterile. All goes to show that
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column pages given to the bibliography of the ear, 109
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compared with ground pease and shorts, slaughter test 194, 195
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less. For example, nearly 30% of the sample reported never
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ing and education from generation to generation will in-
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that he had a fracture of the cranium ; that some kind of missile had
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pula slightly tumefied, although not inflamed ; but being above
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operation through the mouth before his class at the Jefferson Medical
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with dilatation of the arch of the aorta, syphilitic aortitis or aortic
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were distinct, for there was no fever at one side of the house at all, and
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processes or agencies in improving health and lengthening life.
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that out of 99,430 infants who died during their first year in England
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Urea and specific gravity contrasted : Indican, normal .... 1
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ing of the upper eyelid of the right eye. During the
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this operation were, (i ) the impossibility of secondary