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That leads to another point, viz: the management. Like every-

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native second-hand authority. The one is to cut off the whole of the genitals at

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people and obtain money under false pretences. The people of

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•reservatives is a matter of regret, and in one of his communications,

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any tissue not derived from the Mullerian ducts is considered

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cathetic syringe is usually advocated for instillations, but person-

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significance which is sufficiently intelligible. Directing attention to the

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l)ed. Slie had congenital heart disease, hut of what nature is not remembered.

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their commercial relations, considered themselves endanger-

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color, occurring singly or in groups, and varying in size from that of a

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adeno-myoma would be recognised more frequently if a careful

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we have two questions presented to us. Firstly, that

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The body must be considered as a community of cells,

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able to discover a fissure in the part where the integuments have been lacerated,

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first to isolate the active principle, although of scant but frequent urination. I made an

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June 14-16— Gastroenterology: Recent Developments in Theory and

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ture is then steamed in an Arnold steam sterilizer for

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Tony K. is another case of overanxiety. He cares more for books

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shortly, the radiation dose to the thyroid would prob-

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was so placed as to include the mass directly between it

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in the treatment of fractures of long bones, with displace-

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Prognosis. — In patients previously healthy the prognosis

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of the Christian era. But a more ancient work than this

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eter. It was very difficult to introduce any instru-

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tendency in the superior fragment of the tibia to project outwards, and there

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to the syphilitic cases, while non-syphilitic cases have ordi-

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is usually only slightly, if at all, raised. In rare cases, the

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Dr. Nie MEYER quotes Benedikt who declares that out

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materially improved by treatment, he speaks despondingly of