less worry and anxiety, are of great importance, but while easily given by

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be removed from a goitrous region sufficiently soon after the development

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days liefore the actual esperiment. and then, while ohserviin^ the volmii,

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"activating" or stimulating substances with obscure but important effects

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move, ami it xvo\dd apjiear as if a sustained pressure l)rou>.'ht to hear on

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absence of upward movement on swallowing, and by the hbtory, the blood

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be apphed to the upper part of the trachea ; after-

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streipj-ths. When the sm iniinrlin'j siilntiuii is isutnnie willi the eell

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development was due to adhesive pericarditis. He states that no cardiac

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i|\ >|iliys;Mii>)ir!ii)liic trn<'iiii.'s, it I'liii alsci \n' sIkpuii tliiit tlic .•nii'icle is

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liii'X and ilndildinu- a rnnj l'..rniat i,.ii, as in tivp: phaiic It will fiirtli.r

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another, that a classification into distinct diseases from anatomical features

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ment of cartilage by bone is especially marked in the spine where the inter-

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* American Journal of the Medical Sciences^ December, 1908, p. 851.

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tions of Edkins have been confirmed, and they explain very ijimply how

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Regnault abo is confident that partial forms do occur.

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.'onta.-t «itli tl„. •_'.-,(Mi:i(»Mi ...... „f „j,. ,.,i,.,.a.Iy pr.-s.'nt in tliis part ..f il.^

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in males. It usually begins about the wrist and hand. The symptoms do

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''''"'•""" ■■"ii""i'^ 1 is usually present in small annuints in human

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this jomt. The only joint on the left side which seemed affected was the

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and less anil less of the free enerjry on the adsorliiii"; surface reniaiiis

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diet, exercise, and water in abundance are the most valuable methods.

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i< of inipiirtaiice Isi cmincctiiiii with ilie ptiiiipin;:,' acfion of tlic heart, ,\'

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(Adami). Ebstein and Nicholaier*fed dogs on amide of oxalic acid, and at

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iiiiee on a diet from whieli ail traces of I'at and lipoids had heen removed

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medical director, the president of the company, and the actuary, and in the

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noticed only after exertion or excitement, and is then important only when it

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Pirts Affeeted. — ^The feet are most often involved. In Cassirer's analysis

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skin over the tumor is sometimes not altered in color, but in severe cases

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any eniliairassment to his hodily movcnniits. I'.y a comiiarison of tl ■