tremity of the bone the most compromised. This operation is some-
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A. Johnson, of Chicago, as President, and Dr. John H.
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especially during the first trial of such a law in a state in which no
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f The connection can not be by the taenia semicircularis, as stated
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1 Transactions of the Clinical Society, London, 1906, sxxix, 46.
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This book is a thoroughly sound and creditable piece of work ;
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probable that had Captain McCarrison treated those same patients with thyroid
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olution of the symptoms followed, more from natural crisis, per-
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than to the effect of the projectile itself. Lumbar pwncture
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1 Orthopedic Surgery, Bradford and Lx)vett, p. 312.
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plagues, but, except in a general way, it cannot enter
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carried or aborted. In the three years following tlie introduction of the
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ing a truss most of that time. On the evening of the
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After-history : Up to the present date (January 4, 1912) there .has
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luetin; controls of equal amounts of sterile olive oil, pro-
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sickness as the age advances is far greater than the pre-
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others doubt if acute parenchymatous inflammation of
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to three iiills are to be taken three times a day before eating, the
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22 cases collected by Brunner, 11 were monarticular, the shoulder being
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normal, or show haemorrhages. The nervous system seldom shows
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ought to be as simple and as easily cleaned as possible.
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five children, only one of whom has pellagra. This son, Pellagrin 979, R. T.,
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medical officers were chosen who had had large experience in examin-
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means of the lymphatics and blood-vessels. While it seems
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(1) those here for what is usually an initial lengthy period of
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parasyphilis, and inherited syphilis. I believe it to give a larger