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from the head of the patient, and behind the head of the

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seeing the sine qua non of the life of the organism.

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Rec, 1891, i, 334. [Discussion], 358, — Helm ((1, F,)

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ployed, a large percentage of them become infected, with sub-

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tinged with blood. Hoarseness and croupy cough were

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post in Dublin University. Eraser was offered and accepted

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incidentally mentioning the fact that their competitors

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was evident that his work was not only well and conscientiously done,

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418 closely as possible, even in cases of this kind.

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establishment of hospitals has not been confined to any one

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the disease occurred that year seems to have been the French pro-


if only the tension of the spring is removed each time after

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impression is that it is now a common practice to examine

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into water, fell to the bottom. Being cut into, some of the bron-

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born. Madame L. used the crotchet sixteen times ; ten women

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Dr. R. T. Edes thought Dr. Mills's point a good one,

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or hysteria may be protracted or may disappear suddenly ; when second-

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which terminate fatally, to an extent not obtained with former methods


rose to sixteen, and in a few to twenty-four ounces. The total

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In the tissue at the site of the wound there is lymphoid and connective-

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proceeds to show mathematically that the increase or diminution of the

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From an apparently hopeless condition a few hours will suffice to

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cious up to eight hours after inoculation with syphilis. (/;) No marked

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A parallel instance may be cited, that is with reg'ard to