is distinguished from hyperaemia by the suddenness, the violence, and

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acquired in less than a few years. It is to be regretted that many of our

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Acid, Citric— H., dr. 2-4 (gm. 8.-15.). D., gr. 10-20 (gm. .6-1.3).

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noted, approximating ataxia, corresponding to the wearing of

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cases. Of special interest is the discovery of Peskind that the blood

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Wi,^ so that I might 1.-C afterwards examined •'''»';'"'" ~^~-^

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aniebas cultivated from various sources, in(dudin<^ the dysenteric

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typical anthrax lesions, and cultures of the heart blood in broth and on agar

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department's ability to maintain stable purchase patterns and, as a result,

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in their professional relations. There is nothing to say against

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from above. The atrophy has to be sought in a higher region.

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now in use. The simplest, perhaps, is to reduce the

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case. Dr. Mesnet, armed with all the resources derived from a consummate

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He first spoke of the employment of alcohol in its vari-

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by a simple method, /. Am. Med. Assn., 1916, Ixvi, 1594.

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the first cigarette does not induce this deathly nausea.

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an abundance of fresh air supplied. The for a long time continuously — at least sev-

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indicates a high degree of toxaemia, and so far as possible this blood-stale

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that, after the system has been brought fully under

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discharge, and if numerous may wear out the strength and cause death

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with ulceration of the c&rtilages of the knee- \ Ist the wound had nearly healed, and there

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land, writes that in New Zealand, with a population of

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autointoxication; the feeling of well-being thus engendered

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for the family physician to assure her jocosely that she will

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of septicemia. This man refused absolutely to have his

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cation of concentrated solutions in diphtheritic jiharyn-

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When the patient is in bed, and compression of the femoral

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society. The number of families whose condition was

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resembUng the last in many particulars of its structure, differs