slightly inverted. When the patient looks at any object
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the mere retention of normal constituents of the blood,
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* Trans. Epidem. 6<hj., ii. 429. "Read, Boston, 1866.
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higher percentage of recoveries than has been given
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affection prepares us for the utter impotence of therapeutic measures in
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can best perform their functions at a temperature of
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F History— This disease appears to have been first described by
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Injection of Proteose. Excretion of Injected Urea and Phenolsiilfonephthalein.
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also for Africa, China, and Guam. This cylindrical worm is 7 to
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Some pat'ents with hypertension or heart failure with no apparent preexisting renal vascular disease have developed
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there a small cavity may be found AAdthin this sclerotic mass. In some
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*ir water <• applied as hoi as caa be borne to any iqjury that is likely to canre a black btb,
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Depressed or cup-like indentation first. — T. Smith.
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well defined. Because trauma victims are often immobilized
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incision at either end of the sinus some half inch into the sound structures, to
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protein digestion. Tumor fragments are rarely seen. Blood is common
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One fact, noted by Larry and verified by the experience of sur-
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give from 40 to 60 c.c. of the serum in the first thirty-six hours."
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valent among the inhabitants along the banks of the Thames filer
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uteri had not proved successful in his hands. The plan recom-
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The high death-rate in Liverpool for the summer quarter of 1866 was
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KiNVOUN, J. J., passed assistant surgeon. To proceed to
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tion pump was employed to create a partial vacuum, the degree of
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is, namesthemwrongly— " A" maybe "E" or "F"or"N" or"C."
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made by Dr. Seguin between trophic and nutritive dii^turbances
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character of Professional study absolutely necessarj-," etc.,
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