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becomes convulsed, and dies, apparently from suffocation. There is
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on the patient assuming the supine posture. No attempt is made
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simple atrophy of the nerve elements. It thus contrasts markedly with
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etal impressions. But irradiation in the cord does not
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Much praise is bestowed upon the sanatoriums for tuber-
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fracture. Quite an amount of clotted blood was found in
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Muscular Stenosis of the Cardia. — By means of esopha-
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393: 4."i3. — Consorti (A.) La pr(minenza fai ciale. !
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possible injury to health. The investigation of the
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portant surgically. Ligation of the common femoral —
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well as Prussic Acid, is capable of arresting the action of the heart.
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to give any relief; the malignant character of the disease was then
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The spiral is a fundamental factor in structure and movement,
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" 2d. In all cases of double pleurisy, when the total fluid may
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he is generally restless and sleepless, and often a little delirious. When
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useful ; and free dusting with zinc oxide, boric acid, or starch powder
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each pole there is a small red sj)ot, which rei)resents either extremity
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forming its roof was softened, and of a reddish brown colour. On opening the right
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