vertebra visible. Extension, movements of neck and body, and traction by forceps, all
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the bleeding from the very vascular tissue of the uterus and its neighbourhood,
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Smallpox. — ^A serious condition exists in Suffern, Rockland
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tions of cases seeming to prove the possibility of such in-
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poisonous mushrooms is not an instinct possessed by
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result is equally clear, i. e., to prevent exposure of the woman
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may be possible, however, at a later date to do a bone
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practically unchanged conditions in his affected joint, and still
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“Think of the wealth of good he has done, the fullness of the life he has lived, the thousands
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readily scraped off. The scales from any patch wdiicli has been un-
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wards had rheumatic fever. The patient who died remained in a comatose
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indications which should put the practitioner on his guard. When this
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now in whom, though the stricture has never entirely dis-
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on, when the fluid reaches the greater bronchi, even coarse moist rales
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Department, University of Pennsylvania. Cloth, $4.00 net.
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payment of which is spread over twenty-five years :
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are loath to admit that the subject is beyond compre-
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the amount and distribution of smallpox, except to a limited degree in
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precedes it by a few hours. Clinical thermometry allows- us to follow closely
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febrile icterus sometimes occurs in slight epidemics in the hot season,
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tion proves the growth to be small round-celled sar-
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muscles and organs of the body. In all these cases, owing to the
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years of age, who for four years had noticed some abdoniinal
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all diseases have undergone a change of type, say, during the last fifty
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tation, considered, and still believes, to be the recently mas-
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that is to open the oesophagus. The oesophagus is like
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fourth auricular beat was blocked (Fig. 8). The partial block