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soothing, diuretic and antiseptic properties makes it a valuable

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Clinical Features. — Parturition (in a few cases), abortion, or expulsion

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Richard Hughes, L.R.C.P., of Brighton, England, the ex-

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depressions which exist at the base of the brain. It dips also into the

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9. Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Update: Human immunodeficiency

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number of cases these agents enter the system or reach the meninges by

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Drainage is sometimes necessary. The writer then uses sterile or

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The diagnosis involves a discrimination from neuralgia. Points which

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Infantile vs. Adult Rhinitis. — Roig-Raventos states

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is to "bring together the physicians of the State of Wisconsin to advance the science and art of medicine and the better health

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have lapsed. The accused had thus the motive, means, and opportunity of

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arisen as a variation, and as such is hereditarily transmissible,

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1. Sarcoptes (or acarus) scabiei hominis and communis, or itch

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