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AGENTS.— Dawson Bros., Montreal ; J. & A. McMillan, St. John
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The preceding description applies to the classical form of mumps, with
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This increase is due to a tendency in the body to maintain a
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pleased when a case arrived at this stage, as it then became an easy matter to
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why there should be any mortality, if old and feeble patients are not oper-
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New Doctrine of Aphasia. — The classical conception of the mechanism
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clinical observations, combined with simple clinical pathological
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bation and admiration of the Apparatus for Club Feet (No. 3172,)
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night after the operation, that his parents became alarmed and
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come in contact with lots of those who have all sorts of complaints who
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Huntington, First Lieutenant Philip W., assistant surgeon, will
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oxyde, or in form of a salt, it has when applied been followed
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tions — metastatic labour, as Dr. Power calls it. Emotion, fear,
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may have time to make the trial of mild methods of treatment — curet-
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taining either a small giant-cell, or a focus of calcification, or they are
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1903 a.— The factors which determine the local incidence of fatal infantile diar-
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I warned against too great heat in the manufacture of malt extracts, as heat