to give it in large doses, ten to thirty grains. There were

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Bordeaux, 189.5, iv, 417-426. Also : Cong, m6d. 189.5,

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after fatal epilepsy. Although expert cerebral anatomists have clearly

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surfaces generally are pale, and the whole surface of the body

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of the pelvis is less than three inches a living child at maturity

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orbital ridge and the highest point of the external auditory meatus) The second

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treating external hemorrhoidal tumors with a medicine pre-

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In a work recently published by M. Ollivier, on the Spinal

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Yet both Wernicke and Dejerine say that the intervention of a

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but rather one of cardiac dilatation. Scrofulous children are especially pre-

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value. You can no more examine the murmur in the carotids

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spoonful of spt. mindereri, every quarter or half hour, to-

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It has been popularly held that various types of alcoholic beverage are appetite stimulants,

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case as soon as it represents itself Further, I must strongly protest against

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tirely healed, the new ulcer was one-half of its former size, and the

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session, a course of lectures was given, one every week, and every

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bly may be due to a retained decomposing placenta, to de-

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The vomited matter consisted of whatever had been in-

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which are indicated by the several layers of which that structure

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mencing treatment, and where expectoration becomes difficult,

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