technique of the more common gynecological operations by the

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the opinions of a considerable number of physicians

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—Dr. W. T. Fleet, Walkerton, Va., aged 80 years. — Dr.

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Dr. C. L. Minor : I heartily agree with Dr. Lewis. I think it would be

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fessor.-, and Lecturers in the Leading Medical Colleges of the United States, Germany, Austria,

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be put in full cljarge of critical cases, and if they think

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the great omentum and other parts. The last form of dropsy to which we

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symptoms appear, such as photophobia, lachrymation, swelling

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Scarlatina is shown to have been more fatal than it was in 1857. Of 275 deaths

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of treatment. And one of the cardinal points in our declara-

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tions of the Uterus, which contained a collection of cases of various

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proportion of loosely combined oxygen they contain,

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familiar with this fact, for I conducted an operative sur-

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mits only of a moral cure. He confesses he has been more and more

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Ella Smith was brought into hospital April 26, 1880 ; sin-

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portion the fertilization of the female gamete by the microgamete. The vermiculus

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demonstration. When renal disease of any kind coexists with pregnancy,

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serted, with the addition of a few transverse sutures if

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vessels. Small ones with sharp points, such as fish-bones, may

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sleep to overcome the exhaustion following the intubation.

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Charles J. Aldrich, of Cleveland, read a paper before the

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perception of motion by the retina is a valuable asset to the flier. It

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In a few months a marked recurrence of the disease took place

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Occasionally the disease does not wholly disappear for six, or even twelve

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for treatment of S}philis. He stated that three weeks

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nfortunate for the community rather than himself — a chronic bacil-

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New Method of Preserving Dead Bodies. — The German

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recognised gives the following figures. It may be observed that the

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some Registrars whose labors in this respect are very faithful and

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■ ,,.- ■..-.ofji vi.|u»iii plu-nomena or the typhoid state, Liu tlio tw.»

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upon the designed software and hardware system, high precision fractionated treatment

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