motic effusion from the vessels into the intestinal canal ; 2nd, an exos-
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nated favorably, although the intestine was extremely discolored. On
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of epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis. There was no pneumonia in his
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possible climate, have rather to consider where he may find an oppor-
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experience. That this is no more than a personal opinion I fully admit,
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structure, almost as certainly arise in redundant portions of enamel
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that are indigenous, when compared with other portions of our country,
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tem mitigated. Fourthly, our means of modifying the poison being very
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comprehends vascular, thermal, and metabolic phenomena, and no in-
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out of sixty-five fatal cases only sixteen showed the presence of this
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rapidly die. Does milk then, besides carbohydrates, fat, proteids, salts
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gradually recovered, and at the end of the year her general health was
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for their rapid absorption." The need of the daily removal of these
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the skin over the swelling will sometimes give rise to an appearance
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minished, and it gradually befcame quite cold ; on the 28th it was entire-
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usual or unusual conditions, has shown that these choleraic vibrios are
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tants of the district, who appear to acquire immunity from it, it is well
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It is possible, though by no means proved, that such products are
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administration was followed by a period of quietude and relief from all
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particles of the retina, or to cover its surface, on which the ether im-
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febrile as compared with a normal condition. Lastly, mercury and iodide
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