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episcope than could be possible even by direct inspection.
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22 Compt. rend., 1858, 46, p. 615; I860, 51, p. 298.
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to drain a big cavity like the peritoneum, by scratch-
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more particularly females, whose habitual diet is a
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gelatin injections in the treatment of hemorrhage from any
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out infected chancres in eighteen cases, in one in which he had also removed the
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elastic cells, how much greater must be its resistance
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Post-mortem. — Assisted by Dr. Ehler, I examined the body at 10 P. M.,
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lay the cramps of the muscles twenty drops of a solution
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condition on admission into hospital was truly pitiable. There was
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Water is the most useful of all solvents; nearly all salts of the
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gelatins, and soaps; (7) adhesiA'e pellicles. Thus we see that the