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blastomycetic dermatitis of the leg. J. Am. M. Asa., Chi-
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metaphysis of bones, to remain latent or to set up active
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to say that the whole number who in the United States annually succumb
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normal and its size is equal to that at full inspiration. Not infrequently
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of withdrawing the blood from any diseased organ to which there is an abnor-
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dable varieties of the disease. The eruption is imperfectly developed,
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account given by the patient, and supposed that instead
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that the urnemia in oedematous nephritis with scanty urine rich in
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of which he knew by heart, when all that was needed was,
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tuberculous spinal meningitis. Of diagnostic value is the presence, in some
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• Attempt at Removal with Cooper's Scissors and the Galvano-Cau-
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and usually soon after the first signs of ill health. Paralysis, when it
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sponge, which is pressed with considerable firmness against the pseudo-
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has only stopped to read my mind: “My [teacher] friend
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gin of the fistula, however large it may be, is absolutely
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leucocytes passing from the marrow into the blood. In inflammatory
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with clonic contractions. As death approached, the head and eyes were turned
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State Health Officer has signified his intention of extending
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appear in any of these records, for it had not yet been
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