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involved, though one might rather expect ethmoiditis.

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dark, treacly blood. The stomach was externally pale, and presented

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of a gastric cancer, as it may readily be understood that

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Fig. 2 A. — External appearance of much contorted Fallopian tube, -with peritubal inflammatory

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made in four sections, which are grooved to fit each other, and

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the slightest movements are followed by extreme £atigue. This group of

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4. If the Tufnell plan of treatment be adopted, how long should

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These mosquitoes are prone to remain in the same house where they

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which the majority in the U.S. are left unused. Saratoga

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The reason, then, that the nitrous fumes act in this

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not have jaundice. Jaundice is a yellow staining of the

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