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once to the extent found requisite for moderating the fulness and tbe
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course of a few years, under similar symptoms. The lodging consisted of a
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Ihm- to ^nyv \ith wh.it iiiffitinii n-ni.nr,-. 'I'hi- -.lu-inc of tii-.iiiiu-nt
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have been recorded by Nuhn, Petrel, Stenson, Wepfer, Schmiedel, Ycr-
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difficulty presents itself of locating it with sufficient accuracy, soas to be
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tongue, feces and urine, take place simultaneously with changes in the
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that the fish cannot reach them. The sylvan or wild mosquitoes select
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(loo generations). These inoculations produce a disease charac-
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Vienna, who has made many observations on this subject, drew the following
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relations, of this form of diarrhcea. Jaundice was noted in several (six) of
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mits only of a moral cure. He confesses he has been more and more
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numerous sulphur springs all over our country ; and in our cities,
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thickening was greatest. A section shewed that all the tissues,
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sphincter is thoroughly distended, and you do not touch the cutaneous surface
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the initial paroxysm. This occurred in 10 out of 181 of our cases, and
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The name rheumatism — or, as it is now more precisely termed,
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his return he found her in the same position in which
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mer. At no time had there been any pain in the growth.
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the condition had been known before. In fact, unwittingly, he made use of
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repairs a biochemical lesion. This repair consists of actual
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the joints and bones develop at the same time as a more or less latent phthisis.
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that medicines are to be classed only as the Keutuckian is said to have char-
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The child then accustoms himself, for the time being, to the abandon-
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Nor fliould this inveftigation ceafe with the beginning difeafe, but
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optimal contractions of the gallbladder on infusion of
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Schroeder (1886) notes but slight increase of intra-abdominal pres-
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and history of the tumour itself. It has a very irregular, hard,
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they never shut their orifices as they ought, but leave a chink
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It should be noted that the appetite of tuberculosis patients im-
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treatment has been removed. He uses fine cotton thread gloves of the
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at reducing this temperature by rubbing i(;e all over the body,
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dreaded discovery and punishment, squeezed her repeatedly (as the
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deglutition. In May, 18o2, she noticed a swelling at the scat of pain ;
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the age of 40, but is rare after middle life. It is more common
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soothing, diuretic and antiseptic properties makes it a valuable
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He urges the taking of a glass every four or five minutes, until a gallon
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those of the liquid, (solvent). Solutions may be classified as